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4Sight’s commitment to client satisfaction is unyielding and unsurpassed. Simply ask those who know best—our clients.  Any of our clients would be happy to speak with you about their experience with 4Sight.

“The board felt for years that our previous management company was not fulfilling their responsibility to us.  We decided to interview new management companies, primarily to find out if what our current company was telling us was true.  We first interviewed 4Sight and they told us very tactfully, without being disparaging toward our existing firm, that we should expect and get much more for what we were paying.

Our prior management company told us that it would be too costly and not worth going after delinquent homeowners.   We had no cash flow and were going broke!   And we had endless problems in our community.  4Sight immediately laid out an action plan to address all these issues and more.  We hired them in April 2009 and by the end of the year, they completely turned around our neighborhood. 

A few examples of the immediate impact they made:

  • 4Sight decreased past due accounts from 35% to 3%, increasing cash flow.
  • 4Sight discovered that our State Franchise Tax had expired and we were involuntarily dissolved. They filed the necessary paperwork with the state to make us legal and sound once again.

4Sight has set a new standard of excellence for our community and we could not be more pleased.”

Andrew Jackson, Former Board President, Parkside Estates

Villages of Preston Glen has utilized the services of 4Sight Property Management for several years and has been extremely satisfied for many reasons:

  • Very responsive — this was not the case with a much larger firm we used prior to 4Sight
  • One-stop shopping for all needs related to HOA requirements
  • Very knowledgeable about all aspects of an HOA, both local and state
  • Great value for the money
  • Extremely friendly courteous staff
Steve Register, President, Villages of Preston Glen Homeowners Association

As Secretary of the Preston Vineyards Villas HOA, I highly recommend 4Sight Property Management. They are extremely professional in every aspect of their business and you always walk away knowing they have your best interest as their main goal. Words cannot express how grateful we are for making the switch.

Natalie Jebbia, Secretary, Lakes of Preston Vineyards Villas Phase 1 Homeowners Association

Since partnering with 4Sight Management in 2014, I’ve seen a 180 degree turnaround in our success as an HOA, specifically in our ability to plan and accomplish the goals we set as a board.  Our aging has never looked better, our bad debt expense accruals are at an all-time low, and our residents are now supporting projects previously seen as unrealistic.

The 4Sight team is quick to roll up their sleeves to help plan and execute weekend community projects.  We greatly appreciate Todd and all he has taught us about effectively managing our community and the continued motivation he offers.

Kenneth Landi, Vice President, Old Mill Court HOA Board of Directors

In 2015, Shepherds Glen in Heath, TX hired 4Sight Property Management and they have been the solution we were looking for. They have extensive experience yet are small enough to provide hands-on attention to our neighborhood. While board members will change and Texas Property Code will change, 4Sight offers the consistency we need to ensure our HOA is compliant with state laws and so much more. It is a relief having 4Sight manage the day-to-day operation of our HOA.

Alexis VanKerkhove, President, Shepherds Glen Homeowners Association

As Board President of Preston Villa Vineyards, I cannot expound enough on the competency, integrity, and ability of 4Sight Property Management. Since becoming our management company, I cannot believe the difference in our community as a whole in regards to financial and property improvements. I highly recommend 4Sight to any HOA considering a management change.

Jim Jebbia, President, Lakes of Preston Vineyards Villas Phase 1 Homeowners Association

I have worked with 4Sight Neighborhood Management for nearly three years. During that time, we have had a very effective partnership. 4Sight’s team has a deep understanding of all aspects of community management, and I have found them to be a helpful source of counsel in making strategic decisions. 4Sight has also been effective in the day to day management of our community. I would recommend 4Sight to any homeowners’ association looking for stable and sound neighborhood management.

Tony Moore, The Dominion at Panther Creek, President